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My Playlist Moods of Paris #2

“Tell me what you listen to and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Because we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while, because life without music would be far too dull, and because we all love discovering new music, here’s my Playlist Moods of Paris#2 inspired by my recent trip into the City of Lights.

I hope you’ll like it. To listen, click here: Playlist Moods of Paris #2

Moods Of Paris #2 Photo


 1. L’ombre et la lumière, Coralie Clément

4. Voilà les anges,  Nouvelle Vague, Coeur de Pirate

5. Duel au soleil, Étienne Daho

7. Personne n’est comme toi, Autour de Lucie

9. Si tu suis mon regard, Benjamin Biolay

12. Iron, Woodkid

14. Saint Claude, Christine and the Queens

A little bit of solace to help us forget this stubborn winter and dream about the arrival of spring and those long summer nights spent humming enchanting tracks.

Now tell me yours, what are you listening to these days?


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