My name is Josée Noiseux. Montrealer and Parisian by adoption, I am the author of this blog and of the travel book Humeurs de Paris, published by Éditions Druide in 2014.

In Humeurs de Paris, I open up my little black book for you. I reveal the most fabulous places in Paris, where I was lucky enough to live for some time presented through nine personalities of the City of Lights, nine moods to live and discover the city : Foody Paris, Trendy Paris, Budget Paris, Artsy Paris, Luxurious Paris, Arabic Paris, Sexy Paris, Fashionista Paris, Paris on Sunday. To this day, I still jump on any occasion to revisit my second home. I share with you hidden gems, hot new chefs and creators, unmissable cultural events, and everything in between, including things that inspire me, tips for getting along in France, and unusual novelties.

I’ve always been a curious globetrotter and an avid explorer. I’m interested in places, people, and their culture, and I love nothing more than to share my discoveries.

Beyond Paris, I also guide you through the other cities that inspire me: Montreal, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, London, Chicago, Marrakesh, Miami, and Amsterdam, among others. I take you through their most vibrant neighbourhoods and let you in on my most recent finds around the world.

We all come from somewhere

This beautiful adventure started in 2009, when I moved to the City of Light with my family, in the Passy neighbourhood. To stay in touch with my friends and family, and to let them know what I was up to, I started the blog PassySnob (“not so snobby”), as a nod to my new home. I shared anecdotes from my new life in Paris, and many of you began following and reading me. Thank you! It’s been a privilege.

Through strolls, adventures, and encounters, I realized that Paris is a city with multiple personalities, depending on your moods, whims and desires, and passions. I discovered a new way of travelling and seeing the world, and that’s where the idea of Humeurs de Paris was born.

Then, in 2012, after years as an attorney, I was ready to take a great leap forward. I decided to trade in my barrister’s gown for a pen and a camera. My goal was to create a life for myself that would allow me to accompany you on your journeys, to share with you my discoveries, and to inspire and be inspired by you.

Welcome to my Moods, and happy reading!