Editorial Policy

Paris is a city to be experienced according to moods, time, and seasons. On the blog Humeurs de Paris, I reveal my favourite spots, inspirations, discoveries, tips, and moods from Paris and wherever else may strike my fancy. The content of the posts reflects the blog’s editorial policy and constitutes personal and spontaneous choices.


Nine Moods of Paris is independent

This blog is personal and independent. Nine Moods of Paris is committed to informing readers whenever posts are the result of a gratuity, sponsorship, or invitation. The content and opinions published on this blog remain my prerogative, and I remain independent in opinion and speech at all times. To send products, event invitations, or anything else, don’t hesitate to write to me.

Nine Moods of  Paris is transparent

Nine Moods of Paris reserves the right not to write about invitations, products, and samples if they do not correspond to the blog’s editorial line. At any time, products sent to Nine Moods of Paris become the property of the receiver and may not be returned, regardless of whether they are the object of an article or mention on the blog.

Contributions, contests, products

If you wish to share a contest with my readers, contribute to the blog, let me know about a place or product, or if you have anything else in mind, send me a message to discuss your ideas further.


All images and content on this blog are copyrighted. Please refrain from using them without my authorisation.