Humeurs de Paris : The Book

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« Paris is a city to be experienced according to whims and desires, seasons and passions.” With Nine Moods of Paris, Josée Noiseux reveals the multiple personalities of the City of Light: Foody Paris, Artsy Paris, Luxurious Paris, Arabic Paris, Sexy Paris, Paris on a Sunday, Fashionista Paris, Budget Paris, and Trendy Paris. Inviting descriptions, mouth-watering photos, and hundreds of recommendations: her book is filled with dreamy suggestions that are sure to make your next trip unforgettable!



In this beautifully designed work, Josée Noiseux gives us access to her little black book and transports us to the real Paris, the one she lived in, she has visited and revisited on numerous occasions. In this guide, Josée shares must-see spots, hidden gems, tips and tricks, and her favourite discoveries. From one page to the next, readers will read about hot chefs, fabulous markets, and unconventional sites and destinations. Her recommendations include welcoming hotels, unmissable events, and secret addresses from lesser-known neighbourhoods teeming with energy. Nine Moods of Paris is inspiring, engaging, charming, and practical.


“We all dream about having a friend in Paris who knows all about the hidden secrets in each district, who has tried the latest hit restaurant, who can recommend a good hotel and whose address book leads you to places you simply won’t discover in traditional travel guides. This rare friend exists and you are holding her books in your hands. […]I no longer go to Paris—a city I deeply love—without consulting her for her latest finds. I pay it forward by sharing her recommendations with my own friends who are always thankful for her help. Josée, a woman of taste, curiosity and passion, has become a reference and this book will give you a privileged access to her world.”

— Excerpt from the preface, Nathalie Collard (La Presse)


Josée Noiseux, an accomplished attorney and businesswoman, had the privilege of experiencing life in Europe first-hand when she moved to Paris with her family for a year. She adopted the city right away, and still returns for a few weeks each year. She rediscovered Paris on the back of motorcycle taxis, tested many of the Paris hot spots and great French chefs cuisine. In 2012, she traded her barrister’s gown for a pen and camera to chronicle her adventures on her blog, PassySnob, and in a column dedicated to the art of living and travelling for Clin d’Oeil Magazine. Josée, very involved in her community, also serves on several boards, including St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation and is the president of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital event À Votre Santé since 2013.