My book Humeurs de Paris finally in bookstores

Last week was an emotional rollercoaster, starting with the official launch of my book Humeurs de Paris, which I’m happy to finally  share with you.

As you all know, some time ago, I moved to Paris with my family. I discovered the city with passion, not as a tourist, but as an adopted Parisian.


While living in the City of Light, I quickly realised that Paris is best experienced by following our moods, desires, and passions. It was a new way to travel and discover the world that offered itself to me, and that’s how the idea for Humeurs de Paris was born.

Dyptique Paris (19 of 57)

With this book, filled mainly with my own photos, I open up my little black book and introduce you to nine shades of Paris, nine moods, nine ways of experiencing and discovering the city: Foody Paris, Trendy Paris, Budget Paris, Luxurious Paris, Artsy Paris, Arabic Paris, Fashionista Paris, Sexy Paris, and Paris on Sundays.

Page after page, I tell you about my favourite discoveries and hidden gems, and share my tips for an unforgettable journey.


You’ll read about hot new chefs who will undoubtedly thrill your taste buds, charming boutiques where you’ll uncover unique creations for a Frenchie look from head to toe, and extraordinary concept stores like Merci – gathering a clothing and houseware boutique, flower shop, and café under one roof – where I spent countless hours writing a certain book about Paris…

Dyptique Paris (37 of 57)

I’ll also transport you to the city’s magical markets and gardens, some of the best spots for enjoying Paris like the locals. And of course, you’ll find recommendations for cosy and charming hotels as well as luxurious palaces, welcoming bistros, sought-after restaurants and starred chefs, and wine bars where to have a drink.


In Artsy Paris, you’ll discover secret spots, over-the-top art galleries, and must see cultural events.

In short, here’s a book to make you dream and to inspire you, a book that will likely incite you to schedule a trip to Paris as soon as possible, following your moods and whims.

Bon voyage into my Parisian moods!

(photos Josée Noiseux)

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