Pirouette: The kind of Parisian bistro we all love

© Josée Noiseux

I made a surprising discovery at the heart of Les Halles: Pirouette, a delightful restaurant certainly worth the detour. I say surprising, because Les Halles is definitely not a neighbourhood where I expected to have such a good meal and at such a reasonable price. From start to finish, everything here is refined and tasteful.


Marinated mi-cuit swordfish with green and red radish and horseradish, perfectly cooked 64-degree egg on cream of rutabaga, pan-seared gnocchi, burrata and chanterelles, 7-hour lamb shoulder served with baby onions and fried black pudding… these are just a few of the mouth-watering delicacies prepared by chef Tommy Gousset, who is everything but an amateur. After all, he did learn from the best:  MeuriceTaillevent et Daniel Boulud. His food is a feast for the eyes and mouth!


He continues to impress all the way to dessert, with deliciously creamy salted caramel rice pudding, a chocolate and Tonka bean tart served with pear ice cream, or rosemary foam with perfectly smooth coconut ice cream and hazelnut financier.


At €40 for three course menu in the evening, or €18 at lunchtime, there’s no hesitation to be had. What’s more, the place also offers a fantastic wine selection, elegant décor embellished with light wooden accents, a light-filled interior, and a welcoming terrace.

In short, this is an excellent Parisian bistro with divine flavours – a great addition to my little black book – and yours!

5 rue Mondétour, 1st arrondissement,  metro Les Halles
+33 1 40 26 47 81
Closed on Sunday

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