My playlist Moods of Paris #5 is out

We all know that listening to great music improves just about everything, from a run in the park to a night at home enjoying a great meal with your loved ones. Simply put, music sets the mood.

I must admit that I am always incredibly happy to hear that my playlists make you happy or sometimes, for a few moments, transport you into a special Parisian memory. Thanks!!

So it’s with great pleasure that I’m sharing my new playlist (my fifth one already!) with you.

Moods of Paris #5, (available on Rdio and Spotify).

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.25.58 AM
  1. La belle Dame sans regret, Émilie-Claire Barlow
  2. Tous les mêmes, Stromae
  3. Keith et Anita, Carla Bruni
  4. Carry on, Cœur de Pirate
  5. Dans ton oreille, Jérôme Minière
  6. Tu m’aimes ou tu mens, Dumas
  7. Reviens mon amour, Benjamin Biolay
  8. We Machinize, Jérôme Minière feat Frannie Holder
  9. Idées noires, Bernard Lavilliers 
  10. Ailleurs, Mademoizelle Fizz
  11. Une Belle Histoire, Michel Fugain
  12. Ave Cesaria, Stromae
  13. Sous le soleil, Major Boys Aurelia
  14. Ta Fête, Stromae
  15. Requiem pour un fou, Johnny Hallyday
  16. Comme des enfants, Cœur de Pirate
  17. J’ai demandé la Lune, Indochine
  18. Quelque chose de rectangulaire, Jérôme Minière
  19. Salomé, Bernard Lavilliers
  20. Manhattan Kaboul, Renaud & Axelle Red
    1. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Nana Mouskouri

A good way to start the week!

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