My Playlist Moods of Paris #4 is out!

Oh noooo, September already?! For some, that means saying goodbye to the holidays and long summer days. But I’ve always loved the month of September and the back-to-school vibe. It’s a time to get back in the saddle, kick-start a bunch of projects, and regain control of your world – once the suitcases have been put away and the kids are back in school, like the French singer Gilbert Bécaud used to sing!

C´est en septembre
Quand les voiliers sont dévoilés
Et que la plage tremble sous l´ombre
D´un automne débronzé
C´est en septembre
Que l´on peut vivre pour de vrai

And what’s better than some inspiring music to accompany your thoughts and projects?

Without further ado, here’s my new Playlist Moods of Paris  #4 (available on Rdio and Spotify).

Your turn now to share your favorite songs of the moment.

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