Renting an apartment in Paris

While we’re all (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of spring, why not make the most of this season to plan an escape to Paris? I was there for a very quick stop a few weeks ago, and I must admit I would’ve gladly stayed a little longer. Considering it was 19°C the morning I left, can you blame me? And what can I say about that gorgeous light, letting us know happier days are just around the corner…

If you’d like to experience Paris like a Parisian, I strongly recommend renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. Not only will you save money, you’re also likely to have more room and be a lot more comfortable if you’re planning on staying more than a couple of days.

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© Josée Noiseux

Better safe than sorry!

Keep in mind that European and American standards are different. To avoid bad surprises, I strongly recommend you pay special attention to the following points.

– European apartments are generally smaller than in America. Make sure to check the room dimensions, otherwise you’ll be stepping on each other’s toes!

– It’s not unusual for buildings NOT to have elevators. Find out which floor the apartment is on, because dragging your suitcase all the way up five storeys would be no fun at all.

– As you know, Parisians tend to smoke a lot. If you can’t stand the smell of cigarettes, make sure to rent a NON-SMOKING apartment.



– Summer in Paris can be very hot, and Parisians aren’t crazy about AC. If you’re planning a trip in July or August, or if the apartment looks onto a busy street, you’ll be happy to close the windows and block out nightlife and traffic noise and be able to sleep without fear of suffocating from heat.


– When travelling, smartphone roaming fees can quickly become exorbitant. Make sure Wi-Fi is included in your rental.

– As for the neighbourhoods, keep in mind that the first 9 arrondissements are the most central, and that prices are usually higher in Saint-Germain-des-Près and Le Marais.



–  I also recommend using  Google Earth to know if the apartment looks onto a busy street or an interior yard. I personally prefer being close to a market – it’s convenient and always pleasant!

– Finally, make sure you’re using a trusty-worthy and secure website.



Whether you’re planning a short- or long-term stay, here’s my selection of rental websites. , for rentals in the Marais only , a Quebec site that generally offers more spacious apartments

Happy travelling!


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