Boutique Astier de Villatte

Walking inside this boutique feels like stepping back in time, into the world of Marie-Antoinette and elaborate banquets. Its classic yet modern French style is invigorating. I simply adore this shop, where everything is authentic and unbelievably beautiful. The shelves abound with white porcelain dishware and accessories. Astier de Villatte showcases the exceptional know-how of French artisans. To this day, everything they sell is handmade with Parisian black soil in the 13th arrondissement, according to ancient methods that have been updated slightly. It’s sublime. You’ll also find scented candles reminiscent of different cities and a myriad of bright ideas to decorate your dining room. You’ll definitely want to keep this address in mind.


Astier de Villatte
173 Saint-Honoré street, 1rst Arr.  metro Palais Royal-Louvre, Paris
+33 1 42 60 74 13