Why I am Charlie?

Wednesday night, my broken heart was in Paris, at place de la République, in solidarity with the victims of the awful attack perpetrated against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. My thoughts were and are with the victims, their friends and families, all my French friends, as well as everyone who supports and defends freedom of expression and condemns this horrible tragedy.


Shortly thereafter, the terrible news was heard all around the world. And although they were shattered, thousands of French men and women came together in Paris and across their country, as well as in Montreal, and in many other places in the world, brandishing the slogan “I am Charlie”.


In just a few hours, these three emotionally charged words were shared from every corner of the globe. They inspired cartoonists and designers, whose drawings made the cover pages of many newspapers and went viral on the web – a vibrant homage to the victims and to freedom. Here are a few worthy of your attention.











Today, we are all Charlie.

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